Security in PHP

Security in PHP Secure the input If you want a number exactly as a number in the input,pass it to is_numeric function. var_dump( »

Database operation in PHP

Database operation in PHP We are using MYSQL Improved extension,a powerful PHP extension design for working with database.We are creating a MySQL database that »

Session in PHP

Session in PHP Session is used to set the value that you can see across several pages and not pass them back and forth,but you »

Scope in PHP

Scope in PHP It's awkward in php that the variable outside a function aren't available in the function inside.It's wired.If you want to access »

JSON Funciton in PHP

JSON Funciton in PHP To convert an associate array to JSON,pass it to json_encode function $array1 = array("name" => "myName","age" => "23"); print_ »