@extend in Sass

@extend is a feature of Sass that allows classes to share a set of properties with one another. Selectors that @extend a class in Sass will »

Sass & selector review

Mostly we use & to implement some pseudo-classes such as hover and focus,Moreover,it can be used to something else. a { text-decoration: none; &:hover »

Sass color function review

When i write a Sass framework,i'm aware of that there's not so much color functions flexible as in Less.The less has some spectacular function »

Lighten,Darken Or Mix

Both lighten and darken functions manipulate the lightness of a color in the HSL space by adding to or subtracting from the lightness in the HSL »

Sass String

QUOTES CSS does not require strings to be quoted, not even those containing spaces. Take font-family names for instance: it doesn’t matter whether you wrap »